French Ceiling  

The stretched ceiling system originated in Europe thirty years ago. It was born out of the need for efficiency elegance and safety and has been streamlined over the years to become the system used today by French Ceiling.

The concept is simple: A supple vinyl sheet in a frame that can be fitted to even the most delicate  wall moldings.

  • The ceiling frame is flat and can be installed directly on the existing ceiling. This self- locking PVC frame keep the membrane taut. Up to 1000 sq. ft can be held in a single frame.
  • The wall frame with an L shape will be installed on the wall allowing the installation of acoustic or thermal insulation.

The PVC membrane sheet is a 0.17 mm thick vinyl, with all the benefits vinyl offers: fire retardant, waterproof, rot resistant. All these practical qualities are enhanced by an “upscale” finish.. Attached to the frame it stretches flawlessly from edge to edge giving your ceiling the most remarkable finish. The membrane is comprised of several strips permanently welded by a high  frequency welding.


Installations are performed by professionals only. Our Nationwide network of highly trained installers will perform an absolutely perfect installation each and every time.

1.     Installation of the frame:  This is performed either on the existing ceiling or the walls that enclose the room. It is an ideal solution for lowering the ceiling to create a plenum( space) between the original ceiling and the stretched ceiling. Acoustic and or thermal insulation can be installed in that space

2.    Clipping of the membrane on the frame:  Once the frame is installed the vinyl sheet is inserted into the frame using a special spatula. The self locking “ clip in” section keeps the membrane taut.

3.    Cutting of the extra membrane:  Any excess vinyl sheeting is cut. Only 1/10” of the frame remains visible. If desired any decorative molding can be added.

4.    Opening for light fixtures/ sprinkler:  Special custom fit openings are created by our certified installers to allow spotlights and/or sprinklers to be brought from the original ceiling or to create a new lighting design for the new structure.

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