Jean Michel Gachet
french  ceiling llc. was born in June 2000.  Its two founders, Jean and Marie Gachet, have been using the stretched ceiling in a variety of projects for many years.

Jean has extensive background in both remodeling and sales, which he performed for many years.  He was introduced to the stretched ceiling about 20 years ago, and realized early on that coupling this technology with his passion for traditional materials would create a ceiling finish system that is attractive, dependable and versatile.
In his spare time, Jean pursues his life-long study of etymology.

Marie trained as an architect.  Her expertise in volume-to-shape adaptation made her realize instantly that the stretched ceiling technique would be an excellent tool for creating both conventional flat-ceiling spaces, as well as for more avant-garde applications, such as temporary showroom installations and sculpture.
Maries passion is for dance, which she studied for many years in New York City.

Marie Gachet