The logical choice

Why should I choose french ceiling over any other kind of ceiling finish?

french ceiling installations are the ideal upgrade: they are clean, have a long-lasting finish (15 to 20 years) and remain trouble-free for years.

Where can I have it installed?

french ceiling can be installed anywhere: in your home or office; in hotels, and spas, in hospitals; public spaces, or just about any space you can conceive.

How can I have french ceiling installed?

Our trained representatives will install it, with minimal inconvenience to you. Well trained and versatile, they will deliver a job that meets your needs for both quality and efficiency.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty for the material and the welding is ten years.

Can I use french ceiling to hide an ugly “popcorn” or “T-bar” ceiling without removing it?

french ceiling is ideal for concealing an ugly “popcorn” or “T-Bar” ceiling.
Our system enable us to install a wall frame so we can stretch our ceiling under the existing ceiling without touching it.

I have a sound insulation problem. Can your product help?

Studies have shown that our product, used in combination with other sound-insulating materials, provides unparalleled results in resolving acoustic problems. Your room will achieve both an acoustic and aesthetic improvement.

What about thermal insulation? Can I use it with french ceiling?

The air gap created when french ceiling is installed below an existing ceiling add-up to the  thermal insulation but for more effect this gap can be used to install a thermal insulation which is going to be hidden by our product and your room will achieve both a thermal and aesthetic improvement.