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   french ceiling is a unique, versatile product that can be used in a variety of applications. It can be installed virtually in just about any space, anywhere: residential, commercial, public spaces, hotels and spas, schools and hospitals.

Whatever your ceiling project, you will find countless reasons to install french ceiling:

Remodeling your home? french ceiling can be used to create an incredibly dramatic effect in a room.

Revamping your shop? french ceiling's fast installation procedure gets you up and back in business in as little as one day.

Operating a hotel or motel? french ceiling makes maintenance easier than you've ever imagined.

french ceiling

    1  -       A quick and clean installation (No need even to move the furniture!)

    2  -       A way to add an incredible effect to a room.

    3  -       A luxurious way to hide "popcorn" and "T-bar" ceilings.

    4  -       A permanent solution covers the cracked, peeled and water-damaged  ceilings

    5 -        A broad range of colors and finishes (55 Decorator Shades in Matte , Satin and                 Glossy)

    6 -        Easy maintenance.

    7-        The perfect complement to any décor: traditional, contemporary, and everything                 in between.

    8 -         A useful adjunct to soundproofing and/or thermal insulation.

    9 -         Safe: Our vinyl is fire rated ASTM 84 class1. It is a light weight material and is                     therefore a  small part  component in any given construction.

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