“Sustainability is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now  and into the indefinite future” 

Although at
french ceiling we have not become “green “ overnight we are taking the issue very seriously  and we are trying to make an effort to promote a sustainable attitude.

This is a vast subject and this page will  keep you up to date with the different new information we can provide.

PVC has been made the villain for many years and we would like to point out a few facts:

Plastics represent 4% of the total oil consumption and a fraction of it is used at least twice when its energy content is recovered.

One very important fact is that our product is made out of about 60% of sea salt the rest of the content is oil it therefore contributes to the preservation of that highly valuable resource.

The condition in which our material is being manufactured  has been the subject in Europe of very serious scrutiny the industry  poured a lot of money  in the upgrading the condition PVC is being manufactured.

“PVC saves energy and reduces CO2 emission. It takes less energy to produce than may competing products and 20 percent less than the other plastics.”

Our product is light ( 247 g/ m2 ) 0.8 OZ/sq. ft  PVC has a very long life expectancy ( 100 years in some case). In case of a fire PVC produces considerably less  CO2 per kg than oil, wood and coal and therefore makes a smaller contribution to the green house effect.

PVC is highly recyclable more than any other plastics. In most cases there are four possible ways of recycling a plastic material Direct product  reuse Mechanical  recycling, chemical recycling energy recovery for more information


We at french ceiling also think that sustainability is not only about energy or recyclable properties it is also about  people.

Social and human sustainability.  There is a potential in every part of this country and people should be able to express their potential where they live reinforcing a sense of community and expressing their full potential, This is why we are promoting a network of distributors  responding locally  to the need of their community while being part of a nationwide network of exchange and support.

With french ceiling  we want to promote a sense  of equal opportunity and community participation.

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