• Carnivals

    On a Sunday in February or early March, Parisians celebrate with massive parades at the annual Carnaval de Paris.

  • Landscapes

    This grouping displays a wide range such as landscapes, wildlife, plants and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

  • Architecture

    Putting some thought into composition is important. Always look for interesting angles and perspectives whenever possible.

  • Sculptures

    Photography and sculpture have long enjoyed a close, complicit relationship. Always welcome the challenge to bring a sculpture to life through photography

  • People Landscapes

    Eventhough I love capturing the relationship between people and their landscape, more and more I get into creating landscapes wirh people as the source material.

  • Sunsets

    Growing up on a coastal town I was exposed to the most beautiful sunsets everyday of my childhood, it is fair to say that sunsets were my first subject as a photographer.